BLACK FORCE EXHIBITION Lemi Ghariokwu, Pierre Terrasson, Dinah Douieb

Force Noire Exhibition
“Music is the weapon of the future”

Force Noire is an AfroPopArt exhibition in tribute to the King of Afro-beat Fela Kuti.
A Tribute to Black Heroes. 
Feat. Lemi Ghariokwu Artworks and Pierre Terrasson Photography 
Curate By Dinah Douieb
Fela is a Black Force - Une Force Noire -  a Force of the Nature.

In 1974 in Lagos, Nigeria Lemi Ghariokwu meet the great musician Fela, established when an almost mystical bond followed by a rich artistic collaboration. The world of Lemi will greatly contributed to the iconography of Afrobeat music movement. Close to the life and work of Fela, he attends to his musical development at the top of his glory. Lemi has greatly contributed to the iconography of the musical movement Afro beat. He designs for twenty-six of Fela's album covers perfectly illustrating his musical expression, it becomes witness to a social protest that was to date, spreading through the lens of popular illustration and unifying message of Fela.
PhotoPierre Terasson Paris exhibition is a first in France. Through the presentation of some of his works, from its beginnings as an illustrator of album covers his relationship with Fela, his caricatures for the press in Nigeria until his recent work, this event will devote the talent of Artist of the AfroPopArt exploring many aspects of his visionary work. Drawings forms vibrant and colourful decorated assembly satire, where words and slogans are registered as "tags." His work inspired by the everyday life of the street, tv-news and information collected through the media, also has strong visual impact in the photomontages. "My inspiration comes from within and the knowledge of what is happening in my immediate environment, society in general and of the whole universe and its vibrations. The daily movement of people, the interaction of emotions, the current of ideas. "

King of Cover and master of caricature, Lemi painted his vision of blackness, also an hymn to “Black Heroes”, where the pictorial realism through a narrative expression of irony, music, urban and erotic.
When Lemi left Africa for the first time in 2003 during a trip to New York in the United States, he finds himself propelled to the front of the stage during the exhibition in honor of Fela: Black President: The Art and Legacy of Fela Anikulapo Kuti. He lives in NYC one time and thus realizes a mural for the city: Everybody's Gotta Be Somebody, describing his vision of the American dream. In this work, the tag Somebody wants a nigga have a president is part of a prophecy come. One can not help considering this registration as a visionary message referring to the provocation of Fela  Black President and make the connection with the historic election of the first black president in the history of the United States, Barak Obama .
Lemi draws tags & vanities for STUSSY, brand clothes (USA) entrusts Lemi on the occasion of their 25th anniversary, the realization of a collection of T-Shirts. He painted lions roaring and hourglasses that can not count the time passing, skulls are funny and smiling, tags and other signatures ...
Digital AfroPopArt is the name by which Lemi defines his recent work. These digital works to the strong imprint publicity want to bring a reflection on contemporary art and the relevance of a message "political" in a contemporary context in Africa and the world. A self-described "pan-Africanist interested in any sort of progress that is relevant to the so-called Black Man," Lemi has focused his work on the celebration of black heroes in history (Obama, Michael Jackson, Fela Kuti, Femi Kuti ), he portrays a contemplative state steeped in symbolism.
The art of Lemi, a harbinger of contemporary African art, is intended as a vector of a Pan-African thought, explicit and voluntary federation of a universal human thought.

On this occasion, Pierre Terrasson presents his eyewitness account. Pierre had the pleasure and privilege in the eighties to photograph Fela when he arrived in Paris with her dancers and musicians from his first concerts and festivals in France. These photos are new and have never been the subject of an exhibition. 

Music is the Weapon of the Future chanted Fela in 1977; Pierre Terrasson has spent this decade to take pictures "out of curiosity, a golden age, that of 80 years, where being a photographer is not improvised. "Sailed out of sheer passion in the world of eccentric hard-rock, rock and punk, which has seen stadiums, outdoor festivals, small venues. Pierre met the king of Afro-Beat on his first visit to Paris. He had the privilege to photograph at his hotel with the press, in a series of concerts and festivals, backstage, more intimate with his wives, his son Seun, his dancers, dressed in embroidered fur coloured wire, proudly displaying their makeup and flaming pearl ornaments. Photos of Fela Kuti in 1983 1984 1986 and 1987.

Fela Anikulapo-Kuti (1938-1997) was a revolutionary musician whose fame reached levels barely imaginable in his native Nigeria. Charismatic and controversial leader, Fela was the inventor of a new musical style, the Afrobeat, a fusion of jazz, funk, traditional Yoruba music, Highlife (Ghana & Nigeria) The extraordinary openness of Fela led him to experiment with music that drew its strength from a universal vision. It records in the seventies with the great Roy Ayers xylophonist and with the great drummer Ginger Baker an African psychedelic rock.

During the seventies he founded his own territory in Lagos in Nigeria, the Republic of Kalakuta ("rascal" in Swahili) which included a recording studio, a concert venue (the Shrine) and one municipality. In 1974 and 1977, Kalakuta is attacked by a thousand soldiers pillage, rape and set fire to the community. During this last attack, his mother Fummilayo Ramson Kuti, activist human rights and feminist, was fatally injured.
In 1978 during a grand ceremony, Fela "Ramson" Kuti Yoruba converts to the cult and married his 27 dancers. He changed his name to Fela "Anikulapo" Kuti, "he who carries death in his pocket." In 1979 he formed his political party "Movement of the People" and self-proclaimed "Black President". For a decade he proposes to the presidency of Nigeria in defiance of a corrupt and oppressive will never consider his candidacy.
In Lagos, a new Shrine was opened under the direction of his first son Femi Kuti.Femi and Seun Kuti musical walk in the footsteps of their father, providing the seed of his musical message the Afrobeat.
In 2009, an initiative of the New York label and the Knitting Factory luminaries Jay Z and Will Smith, Fela's hero against the African culture has risen to super star on Broadway in the musical FELA! Directed by the choreographer Bill T. Jones and displaying its cast including Patti Labelle, the show is sold out for a year and receives three "Tony Awards" in 2010. In 2011 the show starts a tour in the world in 2011-2012 (England, Nigeria, Netherlands, USA).
His life is exceptional and is a symbol of Force Noire, the fight for freedom of expression and human dignity. African counter culture Icon, his strong personality, his daring and energy justify the power of his musical originality. His charisma, his radical music and creativity have led to international success. When he died, more than a million people attend his funeral.

The Curator
Dinah Douieb

FORCE NOIRE Exhibition

From Tuesday January 3rd 2012 to Friday February 3rd 2012
@ Galerie 59 - 59 rue de Rivoli 75001 Paris – Metro Chatelet
Open everyday from 2 pm to 8 pm closed Monday
Opening Party  : Thursday January 5th 2012 + Show Case Party  Femi Kuti, Tony Allen, Kiala + +
Saturday Sunday : Kids Workshop by Lemi Ghariokwu – Dinah Douieb -
Communication/Organization :
Tiférèt(e) : Geneviève Barthelemy
Partnership Modupé Otesanya for Cie Arik Air, Galerie 59, Mairie de Paris, Fraap.
Press officer: Nadia Sarraï-Desseigne
Curator: Dinah Douieb - - 060759988