The work of the acclaimed photographer Pierre Terrasson has been taking snaps of the stars for over 25 years, with much of his work having featured on classic album and magazine covers. Photography fans, music fans and everyone in between will not want to miss an eclectic display of photographs collecting a string of modern rock and pop icons, captured in distinctive Terrasson style. Pierre Terrasson often had a strong personal relationship with Serge Gainsbourg, lending an intimacy to his work, which viewers can also engage with. Visitors to the exhibition can get up close and personal to some of the greatest popular french musician of a generation in a series of photographs that promise to go down in history as truly iconic.

The 80's were my "PALACE" years, the "Golden" years when all the rock stars were living in the international luxury hotels. The majors companies often had "deals" with these hotels. It was the case of Warwick chosen by Warner Brothers and Sony. You could meet Joe Cocker, Barry White, Kim Wilde, Al Jarreau, Lou Reed or the incredible Chic.... You could crossed regularly "Rock Photographers" and everyone was trying to hold original and delicate shot, which was quite a thing after ten years, the fire escapes, restrooms, suites, balconies, parking had been visited from top to bottom...and the pictures began to seriously look alike. In the early 90's, the arrival of international artists is less than forthcoming, the method of photography had changed, the press was more sophisticated & trendy "Fashion" had emerged. At their request, photographers begun toting assistant, bringing’ lights and paste the bottom photo in the hallways, fire escapes, much to the delight less of maintenance services . . . Today Hotel has also lost its identity and its true decorum disappeared from glossy..

Pierre Terrasson Rock Stars @ Hotel Warwick 75008 Paris - October 2010
Les années 80‘ furent mes années “PALACE", des années fastes quand toutes les stars du rock internationales résidaient dans les hôtels de luxe. Souvent les majors compagnies avaient des "deals" avec ces hôtels, c’était le cas du Warwick ou les maisons de disques Warner et Sony avait élu domicile. On pouvait y croiser Joe Cocker , Barry White , Kim Wilde, Al Jarreau , Lou Reed ou les Chic.... Les photographes « de rock » s’y croisaient régulièrement et chacun essayait d’organiser sa prise de vue d’une façon originale, chose délicate car au bout de dix années, les escaliers de secours, les toilettes, les suites, les balcons et le parking avaient été visité de fond en comble et les photos commençaient sérieusement à se ressembler. Au début des années 90‘, la venue d’artistes internationaux c’est faite plus rare, la façon de photographier avait changé, la presse aussi et une image plus sophistiqué plus "Fashion" est apparu. Les photographes ont commencé à s’adapter à la demande des magazines et à trimballer assistant, lumières et à coller des fond de photo dans les couloirs, escaliers de secours, à la grande joie des services d’entretien . . . L’hôtel aussi a perdu de son identité et son vrai décorum a disparu des papiers glacés.

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